Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Can I ask a really stupid question here?

Sure! Why the hell not?!

Ok, when in the flying toupee off Donald Trump's head did gas prices go UP 25 freaking cents?! Did I miss something? Oil spill? Closing of a gas company? Hmmm, hard to tell with ONLY Casey Anthony crap being on the damn news.

Alright, mass media, here's the deal. I am a woman in the greater southeastern United States. I live 25 miles one way from my office. My car gets abysmal gas mileage so for me to get to work on a good day with a tailwind costs money. More than I got. When in the hell are you going to start talking about things we give a damn about?! I mean REALLY!?!

Yes that psycho lying bitch is worthless. Yes she's out of jail. No I don't give a flying rat's ass where she's moving too so you can hound the hell out of the local citizens to find out "How they *feel* about this?" No one cares!!!!! And if they do, they are seriously lacking a life. Karma will get that $%#)& eventually. You can move on.

Ok? Good! Thank heavens! Oh that felt soooo good to get off my chesticles! Ahhhhhhhh.

Still could use that drink tho....whose buying?! I'm broke I had to buy a couple of gallons of gas this morning. Wallet is beyond lean over here!

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