Monday, July 11, 2011

Really, this day is a p.i.t.a.

No, no, not a sandwich. Pain In The Arse! I swear I'm not sure what is worse, being offended by a stupid comment or dealing with a customer that couldn't find his way out of a bag of beans. @.@ BEVERAGE. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW.


For everyone's safety and my sanity.

I think I'm going to buy me some little airport bottles of booze and stash them in my desk. In case of emergency, break glass! No, find keys! Yes, keys to lock to open said lock to liquid goodness to relaxing redhead.

I mean REALLY!

Mondays, naturally, are not my favorite thing in the world and today was just out of control. Let's see how can I explain without really naming names. Ok, we have a hash group. Simple enough. Ok, wait, um, hash is a shorten term for Hash House Harriers. (not that other thing that goes by the same name) A running club.

Or in our case we ride our bikes. Usually mountain bikes. Can be fun. Usually. But since I've been Hash Cash - i.e. I take in the money, give some to the Beermeister to buy us brews for the end of the rides, and manage the overall books, I feel taken advantage of! Anything that needs to be done, basically gets handed to me. I feel like a grunt in the army. And I don't like that at all!

Anyways, why do folks agree to do combo hashes? That's where two hash kennels do an event together. Sounds easy enough right? Yeah, except two hashcashes looking for money to pay for the beer they just bought. Grrrrr. This time around we decided the other group will handle the monies and the beer. Thankfully.

Anyway, long story longer. The other hashcash said something to the effect that he expected our group to buy shitty beer. Excuse me, Hoss, but you got another thought coming!!! As IF! I don't do shitty beer and I certainly don't do crappy snacks for recovery. *rolls eyes*

So GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR about that. I dunno, just hit me sideways and I've been torqued every since. I'll get over it, but I wish someone else would have all the damn conversations that they leave to me to handle. Like I said frustrated to the gills.

And it's Monday.

End-users are being idiots.
And it's only Monday.


Lets think happy thoughts for a moment shall we?


Eh, I got a better idea, lets just go to the bar. You can buy the first round. I got the second!

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